These are the novels currently in the works.


Cog and the Copper Dragon

cog_title_360The sequel to Cog and the Steel Tower. Continue to follow Cog’s adventures as she tries to unravel the mystery of the clockwork dragons. Currently, the story is fully outlined and the first draft is part way finished. Coming in 2017.

A decade ago the best master engineers in the land were commissioned to make little metal clockwork dragons by a mysterious benefactor. He never did come to collect the machines he’d paid for and the dragons were sold, stored away, or put on display. Now, one by one, they are starting to go missing.

One dragon was never finished, though. The plans and its half-constructed body rest under a pile of dust in the store of the absent-minded master engineer turned shopkeeper, Esmond. When Cog discovers it, she’s determined to complete the strange machine not realizing she’s plunged herself into the mystery.


Smoke and Dragonfire


A more traditional middle-grade fantasy story about a socially-challenged girl and her dragon. This one is written and a couple of revisions in, but still needs some work. Perhaps coming in 2017 depending on my schedule with Cog’s story. This is a quick taste of the story.

Chaos demons and the madness they inflict have crept into the world, spreading strife and fueling war. Only one great wizard stands before the darkness that threatens all the world like an all-consuming storm–the very same wizard that fourteen-year-old Braith has vowed to strip of his power.

Driven from her mountain home by the demons, Braith finds an inhospitable welcome in the strange new lands she finds herself in. Enslaved, she’s forced to work tending to magical creatures destined to slaughter. Braith has a way with animals who, unlike people, don’t find her need for routine strange and don’t overwhelm her with talking and emotions. When she comes across a baby dragon who needs her help, she realizes why the once mighty dragons are being hunted to extinction-–they’ve lost their fire.

Braith sets out to restore the dragon’s fire, collecting an unlikely army along the way: a clever dog, a lost elf-child, a failed wizard’s apprentice, and an exiled princess with a penchant for tavern brawls. The path puts her and her friends up against the most powerful and beloved wizard in all of the five lands along with his army of heroic knights. Of course, she also has to deal with pirates, slavers, and the king of Gallavar who sees the wizard as their only salvation to hold back the demons. Perhaps most difficult of all she has to deal with her own odd obsessions and difficulty communicating with people.

Nobody wants Braith to succeed and bring back the dangerous beasts’ greatest weapon, but if she doesn’t, then the world will learn that the dragons have kept more than the chaos demons at bay. The demons are only one half of the threat, and the other half is secretly on the move.


The Shore of Night

This artist’s impression shows a sunset seen from the super-Earth Gliese 667 Cc. The brightest star in the sky is the red dwarf Gliese 667 C, which is part of a triple star system. The other two more distant stars, Gliese 667 A and B appear in the sky also to the right. Astronomers have estimated that there are tens of billions of such rocky worlds orbiting faint red dwarf stars in the Milky Way alone.

“The Shore of Night” is the working title another novel. This one will be a science fiction story set well into the future. The setting is a colony on a tidally-locked planet (one side always faces the sun and one side always faces away) orbiting a red dwarf, a very common type of star. In fact, the idea for the setting came from the discovery of planets in the vicinity of the habitable zone around a red dwarf. However, this will really be a story about the characters rather than the science.

In the story a day-sider, Lexi, makes an unexpected journey through the wild twilight lands to the night side. There, she finds a totally alien culture based on Randian philosophy. Much like the communal ideal of the day-side culture devolved as the systems that maintained the colony failed, so has the night side devolved into an oppressive Oligarchy that resembles the company towns of the robber baron days. But Lexi’s journey has given her independence and she has no intention of giving it up again. The question isn’t whether she’s ready for the night-side of her world–the question is the night-side ready for her.

The Shore of Night will be a YA title and is roughly outlined.


Dead Mountain

tdm_smallThis novel has been through the wringer. It’s my first novel and I’ve written it, rewritten it, revised it, and I’m rewriting it again. It’s an adult (that can be a loaded word, I just mean it’s not YA, Middle-Grade, or Children’s) epic fantasy. It’ll be done when I feel like it’s done. Here’s a quick description:

Humanity, hunted by demons and a savage race called the Fari, huddles within the mystical barriers that protect the few remaining cities. A mad priest threatens their survival when he reawakens the Dead Mountain’s ancient power to bring forth an apocalyptic battle.

Mira Fallon, a sheltered creator of magical gadgets, discovers a mysterious artifact—the key to stopping the Mountain’s magic—and joins an expedition to destroy the threat. On the journey, she is betrayed by those she trusts and abandoned in hostile Fari lands with a forbidden lover who comes to falsely suspect her of murdering his kin. Mira’s only hope for help is an assassin whose tongue is as sharp as her knives and who nearly killed her once.

Dead Mountain is a fast-paced adventure with heartbreaking tale of love and loss, featuring a female hero who relies more on her wits and determination than on swords and spells.

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Header Image – Andrew Magill. Creative Commons Generic 2.0

Planet Surface Image – “Artist’s impression of sunset on the super-Earth world Gliese 667 Cc (wallpaper)” by ESO/L. Calçada – Licensed under CC BY 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Mountain Image – Serendigity. Creative Commons Generic 2.0

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