Boom. Done.

Time to revise.

Chaos demons and the madness they inflict have crept into the world, spreading strife and fueling war. Only one great wizard stands before the darkness that threatens all the world like an all-consuming storm–the very same wizard that fourteen-year-old Braith has vowed to strip of his power.

Driven from her mountain home by the demons, Braith finds an inhospitable welcome in the strange new lands she finds herself in. Enslaved, she’s forced to work tending to magical creatures destined to slaughter. Braith has a way with animals who, unlike people, don’t find her need for routine strange and don’t overwhelm her with talking and emotions. When she comes across a baby dragon who needs her help, she realizes why the once mighty dragons are being hunted to extinction-–they’ve lost their fire.

Braith sets out to restore the dragon’s fire, collecting an unlikely army along the way: a clever dog, a lost elf-child, a failed wizard’s apprentice, and an exiled princess with a penchant for tavern brawls. The path puts her and her friends up against the most powerful and beloved wizard in all of the five lands along with his army of heroic knights. Of course, she also has to deal with pirates, slavers, and the king of Gallavar who sees the wizard as their only salvation to hold back the demons. Perhaps most difficult of all she has to deal with her own difficulty communicating with people.

Nobody wants Braith to succeed and bring back the dangerous beasts’ greatest weapon, but if she doesn’t, then the world will learn that the dragons have kept more than the chaos demons at bay. The demons are only one half of the threat, and the other half is secretly on the move.

It’s always good to get that rough draft done :)mdance

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4 Responses to Done.

  1. Mirka Breen says:

    Finishing a draft is the best. That is- before you get back to revision. dance away!

  2. Way to go – YAY YOU!!!! Now the real work begins – revision :)

  3. Lesley C says:

    Congrats, Erik!

  4. Congratulations on finishing your draft! Best of luck as you launch into revisions.

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