It’s that Time Again

Since October, the month of Halloween, is here. I thought I’d re-post my Halloween flash fiction.

Halloween Night

Image by Adhi Rachdian
Image by Adhi Rachdian

The headlight beams reveal Jackie waiting for me as I pull up in my Mom’s convertible. I don’t know what Jackie’s costume is supposed to be, but it doesn’t cover much. I’m dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow—Jackie has a thing for Johnny Depp and I’m not above taking advantage of it.

“I like the costume,” she says with her trademark half-smile.

“I like yours too.”

When we drive past Hoover High, she turns to me. “I didn’t think you actually wanted to go to that lame party in the gym.”

“I had to say we were going there; my Mom was in the room when I called.”

I park the car on a grassy overlook, and open the top to the stars. Jackie is on me in a flash. Wow, I thought I would need to at least break out my smuggled Keystone Light. When I cop a feel, she just presses in closer and kisses me harder.

“Damn, you’re sexy in that outfit,” she coos when she comes up for air.

A bundle of hissing black fur flies out of the back seat like it’s being shot from a potato cannon. It clamps onto Jackie’s head like an alien face-hugger, and Jackie bolts into the night, screaming.

The black cat trots back to the car from where Jackie disappeared. She hops into the passenger seat, and transforms back into a woman—Mom.

“Home.” Her voice is colder than liquid nitrogen.

It’s hard being a son of a witch.

Happy Halloween Season.

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3 Responses to It’s that Time Again

  1. Mirka Breen says:

    Woo-Woo… here come the spooks…
    And we have a whole month to celebrate. Thanks for the kick-off.

  2. theartofpuro says:

    Love it! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Leandra says:

    That was great! Definitely left me smiling!

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