The Greek gods were real and are still very much around today. That’s the concept behind The Lightning Thief, and it’s a good one. I mean re-imagining Greek mythology into the modern world seems like a treasure trove of possibilities.

So the concept is great, but what about the story? I think you have to consider the target age group here. For kids, I think they are going to find an action-packed story with fun characters that have some sass. For adults, I think there are going to find the story and characters kinda shallow. Since it’s a book for kids, I can’t knock it if I think kids will like it. So I think it does well here too.

I have similar feelings about the setting and the use of the rich mythology. Kids will probably love it, but adults will probably feel it’s a bit farcical. Once again, I can’t be too critical about it.

I guess that’s a disclaimer of sorts, so let’s talk about the book. The full title of the book is “The Lightning Thief : Percy Jackson and the Olympians”, so you’d be safe to assume the main character is Percy Jackson. He’s a twelve year old kid who has always struggled academically and socially, being moved from school to school. The story is told in first person from his POV. To me, his voice seems a bit older than his age, but I don’t think it’ll be a big problem for kids.

Anyhow, he finds out that is father is an Olympian god, making him half-god, half-mortal, a hero in other words. This comes with good points, like special abilities, and bad points, being a magnet for monsters.

I’m not sure how to go on without giving away a bunch, so let’s just say there’s a lot of action as monsters are battled and quests quested. It’s a great story for kids, especially if they like action, but it doesn’t have a lot of depth.

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