Well, I thought I would be announcing that Cog and the Steel Tower was ready to go, but I got my proof copy and there was still an issue. The cover looked much better. Turned out I needed to adjust it. The first proof was made with a jpeg image from the artists and my own back cover image that I stitched together and exported to PDF. For the second proof, I used the PDF that the artists send me of the whole cover and, even though it looked the same color-wise, it printed much more true to the image on the screen. Their PDF must have had extra color information or something to handle the translation from screen to print.

Where was I? Oh, yes, the issue. You see, when I uploaded what I thought would be the final version and then looked over the PDF of the digital proof, there were these odd little red lines.



I’m one of those crazy people who use Linux on their computer and Adobe no longer makes Adobe Reader for Linux so I use a different viewer for PDF files. Since the marks were red and didn’t appear at all in the word processor file, I figured it was just some glitch. Rather than do the smart thing and check in another viewer or two, I went ahead with the printed proof.

Yeah, those marks were in the printed copy too. They were black instead of red, but those little lines were in the exact same spot as in the digital proof. At first I was a bit mystified. What the heck were these marks that didn’t appear in the word processor? Then it hit me out of nowhere. They were corrections. I had turned off the display of changes in the document, but had never gone through and accepted or rejected all the changes. I went though and accepted all the changes (after all I had read through the whole thing with those changes in place) and uploaded my file again. What did I say about little things biting me in the last post?


Header Image from Richard Walker http://www.richardwalkerphotography.co.uk/ under Creative Commons 2.0

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